Scandi-Industrial Style

We are passionate about two things - Industrial design and Scandinavian design.
Why Scandinavian? Because of it's warmth, functionality, minimalism and elegance. Simple, clean and very stylish.

Industrial, does not require a lot of comments. The roughness, unfinished looks, the sense of being closer to nature.

Can you combine these two styles? You can and you should! That's exactly why we created Raw Deco Lab - to experiment, to combine and create something new and unique.

These styles actually work very well together, so many ways to combine colors and styles to make each room of your house unique and stylish.

Clear lines of Scandinavian design together with Industrial design elements like exposed steel, dark wood, rustic elements. Just add a nice Industrial light fitting or decoration to your Scandinavian design interior and it will do it's magic,as well as the other way around.

Here are the top picks from our collection: 

Our mid-century modern design armchair Gilbert will fit perfectly in your dining room or living room, black, white or grey, you can even combine them!

Tate Iron Cage pendants will add an industrial style feeling to your room, will look very good on top of a dining table or in your living room. As cage comes separately, you just have to add a ceiling rose, cable and bulb holder as well as a decorative light bulb and you can create your own spider pendant or just combine different cages and out them one next to each other.

Add some of our vases, decorative shelves or Nordic design canvas, they will match with this choice, so many different looks to create by thinking ''out of the box''!

How harmoniously these two styles fit together.. Simple, clean lines of a chair with an iron floor lamp inspired by the design of studio lights on cinema stages back in the day..Junie floor lamp and Zoya dining chairs in black, white or grey.
Add a Junie wall light from the same collection!

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